Resource Management Audit Checklist

Resource Management Audit Checklist

1. Provision of resources

a. How have resources needed to implement and improve quality management system processes been provided?
b. Are there adequate resources available to
c. implement and maintain the QMS and to
d. continually improve its effectiveness?
e. Are resources available to ensure that customer satisfaction is enhanced?
f. Are there defined responsibilities and authorities of all personnel who can affect quality?

2. Competence, Awareness and Training

Are personnel assigned responsibilities in the quality management systems qualified and deemed competent based on skills, experience, and education & training requirements?

How has the organization:

a. Determined the necessary?
b. Competency for personnel?
c. Provided training to satisfy competency needs?
d. Evaluated the effectiveness of actions taken?
e. Ensured that its personnel are aware of there part in the QMS?
f. Maintained appropriate records of education, training, skills, and experience?

3. Infrastructure

Is the infrastructure of the organization such that:
a. Buildings, workspace, and associated utilities are determined, provided, and maintained?

b. Process equipment, hardware, and software are determined, provided, and maintained?

c. supporting services such as transportation or communication are determined, provided, and maintained?

4. Work Environment

Does the organization identify and manage the human and physical factors of the work
environment needed to achieve conformity of product/service?

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