Document control procedure

Document control procedure


This procedure is made in order to manage all the documents including internal and outside documents that are being used in the company’s management system.


The documents and data need managing include ones that are instructed and compiled and belong to the company’s document system.

ISO 9001:2008


3.1. Diagram:

3.2. Content (Diagram Narrative):

3.2.1. Publish new document: Inducing demand for new document:

The requester sends the request as form No: 0089 to the board of director for consideration. The board’s consideration:

• If the board disapproves then reply the requester.

• If the board approves then assigns the compiler and carefully instructs him, writes opinion on the request and send it back to the requester. Compiler:

• Compile the document, type, sign (the details are mentioned in the Guide to Compiling documents: form No: 0088).

• Send the compiled file to the related specialized division, the document keeper and the requester for opinion (it is not compulsory to send to everyone except for the document keeper). Gathering opinions and continue compiling.

• Submit to the board Rep for consideration and approval (along with the collected opinions if have). As for the compiling content that the document keeper and specialized division give different opinions with each other, then the final decision will be decided by the Board representative.

• The file after being officially approved will be sent to the document keeper. The document keeper will update that new document in the document list (No: 0091). This list must be ready every time so that any employee can find the needed document without using old ones. The document keeper will make a number of photos, stamp “examined” as regulated in the work guide to document compiling – form No: 0088. The keeper then distributes the documents to the people in the list approved by the Board Rep (form No: 0092 – distribution list of one document- and form No: 0093 – distribution list of many documents) The recipients must check to confirm they receive the rightful documents then introduce to all the related employees and save the documents to make it easier to refer to later. The document manager will keep the original documents, which aren’t stamped, for making copy and distributing when necessary.

3.2.2. Change the current documents in operation: Inducing new demand for changing the current documents: The requester will send request on changing documents to the board Rep (as form No: 0090). The Board Rep will consider the request:

• If disapprove, then reply to the requester.

• If approve, then assign a compiler and instruct him. The board rep writes down his opinion in the request (form No: 0090) and send it back to the requester. The compiler will start changing the documents and carry out step from to classify the documents that need changing:

a. Documents that need major changing:

• Re-print all the documents.

• Carry out changing the documents, change the publishing times up to 1 unit and change the polishing date.

• Manage photos, copies, supervising sheets and other stamped documents. Classify as mentioned in step and

• The document keeper must return the “out-of-date” document to the manager for deletion. If no need for deletion, they must be stamped “expired” or “not applied anymore” as regulated in the Guide to document compiling.

b. Documents that need minor changing:

• Little change is the change from 1 to 3 pages. However, depend on each case, the board Rep will decide whether minor or major the change is for the purpose of convenience in distribution.

• The document manager will make enough copies of document changing supervising sheet and changed sheets (no stamp) and distribute as instructed in step and

• The document keeper will replace out-of-date pages with new changed ones and delete the old ones.

• In case of minor change, only several pages need changing. Increase the publishing times up to 1 unit on the changed pages.

• The compiler updates the change in the request on document changing (No: 0090) Document manager must save original old pages with stamp “out-of date” or “no longer in use”… and update in the document list. However, the documents after many minor changes will be totally re-print and this is decided by the Board Rep.

3.2.3. Outside documents: The requester if want to use outside documents must present those documents along with the request to use them inside the company (form No: 0095) to the Board Rep for consideration and approval (in form no: 0095). After being approved, the requester will forward the outside documents to the document keeper to save the original and update in the document list (form No: 0091). Original technical documents are kept by the technology department. The distribution of outside documents is done by step and The document keeper has responsibility to contact the publishing sector to update the outside documents if there is any change. Periodically 3 months, ISO department will examine the conformance of documents with legal requirements and current system. The result will be made into a record and submitted to the Board Rep. Unnecessary documents will be deleted; non-conformance documents will be corrected. (See procedure for identifying legal and other requirements).

3.2.4. Sample forms: All sample forms will be gathered and made into a handbook of sample form approved by the Board Rep. Each form will have its own sign and number of change. These forms will be numbered as in guide to document compiling. Forms will be distributed along with procedures and supporting documents. These documents don’t need changing if only the forms are changed because only the form number is mentioned in these documents. Delete the old forms and use new ones. The distribution of sample forms is no need to be recorded. Some special forms will not follow this procedure.

3.2.5. Document approval:

The General Director will make approval on Quality handbook, Environment handbook, Social Accountability handbook, procedures and regulations. The board Rep will examine the conformance of the system. The divisional heads may make approval on the work guide.


• Quality handbook
• SA handbook
• Environment handbook
• Procedure for identifying legal and other requirements…


• Work guide to new document compiling form No: 0088
• Request on compiling new document form No: 0089
• Request on changing the documents form No: 0090
• Document list form No: 0091
• Distribution list of one document form No: 0092
• Distribution list of many documents form No: 0093
• Document changing supervising sheet form No: 0094
• Request on using outside documents form No: 0095

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