Procedure of corrective and preventive action

Procedure of corrective and preventive action


The purpose of this procedure is to do well the requirements of management systems and the company as well as to meet the demand of related parties.


All the requirements of related parities and the whole company

ISO 9001:2008


3.1. As defined in the related management standards that the company uses.

3.2. The discoverer can be a related party and/or the employee in the company.

3.3. Abbreviation:

• The Board representative
• Social Accountability



4.1. The company’s commitment:

4.1.1. The company commits to solve the request from related parties and the employees in the company on the non-conformity with the company policies and regulations and/or the standards that the company is applying.

4.1.2. The company doesn’t punish or discriminate the employee who provides information relating to the standard supervision.

4.1.3. When discover any non-conformity that is described against the company policies and regulations and/or other requirements, the company will perform corrective actions immediately and provide necessary resources in accordance with the seriousness of the non-conformity.

4.2. The procedure for correcting and preventing:

4.2.1. To the non-conformity with requirements of Quality management system ISO 9001: 2000 The corrective and preventative actions are recommended by the divisional heads or higher seniors in order to prevent the repeat of non-conformity problems and reasonable customer’s complaint on products, service, process or material. These actions are performed in order to prevent or reduce the risk of the happening non-conformity or customer’s complaint by examining the following appropriate information:

• Operations and work that influence the product quality.
• Evaluation results, quality records.
• Customers’ opinion and complaint. The non-conformance discovered in the internal quality evaluation process (in auditing procedure), the evaluator’s responsibility is to issue CAR note. The Board Rep will supervise the execution of these actions. All the CAR notes after being issued must be sent to the division that is responsible for executing, then forwarded to the Board Rep to update in the CA supervising note (the board Rep will supervise the performance of corrective actions). Divisional head is responsible for defining causes, recommending corrective actions; assigning employees to perform the action and setting the deadline to solve. The actions are approved by the authorized division (mentioned in the authority table). The board Rep assigns employee to supervise or evaluate the execution of the corrective actions.

• If the supervising result is satisfactory, the supervisor will record in the CAR note and report it to the board Rep to finish the corrective process.
• If the result is unsatisfactory, the supervisor will record in the CAR note and report to the Board rep to reissue new CAR note and repeat the step from to in this procedure.

4.2.2. To the non-conformity with requirements of management system SA 8000 When discover any non-conformity, the discoverer records in the CAR note (form No: 0028) and sends to the Board Rep for solving. The Board Rep will examine the discoverer’s request, write down his opinions in the note and send to the related divisions for solving. The divisions report the execution result to the Board Rep who will examine and reply to the discoverer. Information on the corrective and preventative actions that have been done is presented in the board’s examination meeting.

4.3. Classify the non-conformance:

• Major Non-conformance (MNC): not follow the standard and requirement of system documents
• Minor Non-conformance (mNC): Follow the standard system but not enough.
• Observation (OBS): note to do the work better.


• Social Accountability handbook
• Quality handbook


• CAR note No: 0028
• CAR supervising note No: 0140

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