Flow diagrams, process steps and control measures in ISO 22000

Flow diagrams, process steps and control measures in ISO 22000
Clause 7.3.5

1. Flow diagrams

Flow diagrams shall be prepared for the products or process categories covered by the food safety management system. Flow diagrams shall provide a basis for evaluating the possible occurrence, increase or introduction of food safety hazards. Flow diagrams shall be clear, accurate and sufficiently detailed. Flow diagrams shall, as appropriate, include the following:

a) the sequence and interaction of all steps in the operation;

b) any outsourced processes and subcontracted work;

c) where raw materials, ingredients and intermediate products enter the flow;

d) where reworking and recycling take place;

e) where end products, intermediate products, by-products and waste are released or removed.

In accordance with 7.8, the food safety team shall verify the accuracy of the flow diagrams by on-site checking. Verified flow diagrams shall be maintained as records.

2. Description of process steps and control measures

The existing control measures, process parameters and/or the rigorousness with which they are applied, or procedures that may influence food safety, shall be described to the extent needed to conduct the hazard analysis (see 7.4).

External requirements (e.g. from regulatory authorities or customers) that may impact the choice and the rigorousness of the control measures shall also be described. The descriptions shall be updated in accordance with 7.7.

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