Verification of purchased product in AS9100 standard

Verification of purchased product in AS9100 standard
Clause 7.4.3

The organization shall establish & implement the inspection or other activities necessary for ensuring that purchased product meets specified purchase requirements.

Verification activities may include
a) obtaining objective evidence of the quality of the product from suppliers (e.g., accompanying documentation, certificate of conformity, test reports, statistical records, process control),
b) inspection and audit at supplier’s premises,
c) review of the required documentation,
d) inspection of products upon receipt, and
e) delegation of verification to the supplier, or supplier certification.

Purchased product shall not be used or processed until it has been verified as conforming to specified requirements unless it is released under positive recall procedure.

Where the organization utilizes test reports to verify purchased product, the data in those reports shall be acceptable per applicable specifications.

The organization shall periodically validate test reports for raw material.

Where the organization delegates verification activities to the supplier, the requirements for delegation shall be defined and a register of delegations maintained.

Where the organization utilizes certification / conformity reports to verify purchased product, the data in those reports shall be in accordance with approved specifications.

When COTS software is procured for integration into deliverable products, end item requirements allocated to the COTS software shall be verified as part of end item verification/validation.

COTS software shall be identified and configuration controlled to support conformity, certification, and customer acceptance requirements.

Where the organization or its customer intends to perform verification at the supplier’s premises, the organization shall state the intended verification arrangements and method of product release in the purchasing information.

Where specified in the contract, the customer or the customer’s representative shall be afforded the right to verify at the supplier’s premises and the organization’s premises that subcontracted product conforms to specified requirements.

Verification by the customer shall not be used by the organization as evidence of effective control of quality by the supplier and shall not absolve the organization of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by the customer.

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