Labor safety regulation

Labor safety regulation

1 The employees are equipped with working protectors as well as suitable tools used in working. They must use them correctly and be fully equipped.

2 During working time, they aren’t allowed to go around outside their working place.

3 When any problem happens or is suspected to be able to happen, they must inform the team manager at once.

4 If not being asked to do, the employees are not allowed to use or repair machines on their own.

5 If the employees haven’t been trained about the safety regulation about machine operation, don’t let them use or repair the machines.

6 Materials, ongoing products or finished products are placed 0.5 meter away from wall, far from the safe exit, the electric knife-switch, fire-extinguishers and the first aid box.

7 Shut the relevant knife-switch before repairing the machines.

8 When prepare to operate or after repairing, check the machine for any problem and check whether or not there are people around.

9 Never let oil drop on the factory floor or in the working place.

10 Arrange the storage tidily; don’t let the equipment, electric wire or material get in the walking way.

11 When accident happens, the employee at the scene must do the following:
– Turn off electricity to stop the machines.
– First aid the injury, inform the health managing people of the company.
– Help the authorized people to protect the accident scene for solving later.

12. The employees are responsible for informing the board representative about Health and Safety of the accidents or the violation of these regulations in the company.

13. If there is any sign of potential accident at the working place, the employee must leave the place and report to the safe man immediately for solving.

14. Don’t uninstall or reduce the effect of the Safety equipment in the company.

15. The employees must follow direction on sign, board, and instruction note about safety at work.

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