Regulation about fire protection & prevention

Regulation about fire protection & prevention

1. Fire protection and prevention is the responsibility of all the people in the company, including customers who come to the company.

2. To protect lives and property in the company, the following are forbidden:

– Forbid to use fire, wood for cooking or cigarette near manufacturing or no fire allowed places.
– Forbid to steal electricity for personal use.
– Forbid to use wire to put directly into the Socket;
– Never use bronze or silver wire to replace knife-switch.
– Never put inflammable material near knife-switch, electric wire….
– Forbid to use key to open the gasoline barrel.

3. When the working time is over, all the factories and departments must turn off all the fans, lights and electric cooks before leaving and ask the guard to check 2 times between shifts.

4. Keep the material and goods in storage clean and tidy. Have fire separating wall (0.5 meter away from wall) for easy check when necessary.

5. When import goods, the truck is not allowed to start in the storage or manufacturing place. No smoking and must keep the truck outward when parking.

6. Don’t let abates thing in the way.

7. Fire engines are not allowed to use for other purposes. Park them at easy to see and places.

8. Anyone who follows these regulation wells will be commended and rewarded. Who violates will be punished from being warned to being sued (as mentioned in fire protection and prevention laws)

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