Procedure for communicating SA 8000

Procedure for communicating SA 8000


To satisfy the demand of concerning parties and to meet the requirement of SA 8000:2001 standard.


Apply to the supply of information and proof about the performance of the Social Duty management system SA 8000:2001

Apply only to the supply of information within the offices and garment factory’s area.


3.1. These terms are applied in SA 8000:2001 standard.

3.2. Abbreviation:

– Social Duty (SD)
– Administrative Department (AD).


4.1. Information that needs exchanging:

– Quality Policy
– Social Duty Policy
– Quality handbook
– Social Duty Handbook
– Procedure for dealing with children labor.
– Procedure for evaluating and managing the supplier.
– Procedure for communicating.
– The status of employment
– The performance of the social duty management system.
– Other documents from Quality and Social Duty management system.

4.2. Concerning parties:

– The children employees and their family.
– The company staffs.
– Nongovernmental organizations, trade union, woman organization, Buddhism and Christianism organizations….
– Suppliers.
– Notary offices
– Customers
– Authorized government offices

4.3. Specific direction about communicating with outside parties:

On being requested, the company will communicate with outsize concerning parties about the following:

4.3.1. Social Duty handbook being provided to the notary offices and other authorized ones.

4.3.2. Social and Quality Policy being provided to the concerning parties (listed in 4.2)

4.3.3. The procedure for dealing with children and juvenile labor being provided to the children employees and their family, notary offices and authorized government offices.

4.3.4. The employment status and the performance of the social duty management system being provided to authorized government offices, notary offices and customers.

4.3.5. The procedure for training social duty being provided to the authorized government offices, notary offices and customers.

4.3.6. Health and safety regulation being provided to the authorized government offices, customers and notary offices.

4.3.7. Regulation about non –discrimination, compensation, guide to review and complain and procedure for corrective and preventive actions being provided to notary offices and customers.

4.3.8. Procedure for inner evaluation, document maintenance and manager’s consideration being provided to notary offices.

4.3.9. Other left documents of Social Duty management system being provided to the notary offices, customers and authorized government offices.

4.4. Procedure:

1. The notification to the concerning parties is done every 3 months. In case of sudden request from them, the document manager writes down request as form No: 0008

2. Within 3 days since the receipt of the request, the chief of administrative department has responsibility to decide whether the request is appropriate with the company policy or not, then commend and forward to the board representative for approval.

3. Within 3 working days, the board representative considers the request and gives opinion about exchanging information.

4. Depend on the manager’s approval, the Administrative department looks for the information and provide to the concerned party, sign and keep for record in 3 days.



– Note about receipt of information No: 0008
– Note about communication. No: 0009

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