Reviewing procedure for complaint and discipline

Reviewing procedure for complaint and discipline


To examine and give complaint about the implementation of discipline on employee and to protect the employee’s right as regulated by laws about exposing and complaining.


This procedure applies to the examination of discipline implementation and complaint in the company.


3.1. These terms are applied as mentioned in SA 8000:2001 standard.

3.2. Abbreviation:

– Social Duty
– Administrative Department


4.1. Examine the implementation of discipline:

4.1.1. All the violations of regulation of the company are recorded as form No: 0012. The recorder has responsibility to note down all the violation content and asked related parties to sign. If the violator refuses to sign, write down the reasons.

4.1.2. The violation record will be sent to the head of the division where the violator works in to commend (if have) and forward to the Administrative Department for solving.

4.1.3. The violator has responsibility to make a statement about what happened, give the divisional head to commend and then send to the Administrative Department.

4.1.4. This Department has responsibility to collect all the opinion, evaluate the violation then invite the violator and related parties to come to discuss about the problem.

4.1.5. This department has responsibility to write down the solving opinions and present to the Board for considering and deciding. Then, it has to send the decision to the violator within 2 days since the decision is made.

4.1.6. If the problem is too serious and complex, the administrative department makes a report and present to the General Director for approval to organize a meeting to discuss about the problem. Attendants are: The General Director or the representative, Labor union representative, head of Administrative department, violator, and deponent (if have), defendant (if have) and the representative of people who made the report.

4.1.7. The decision to dismiss the employee of labor union must have opinion from the Union chairman and from the higher level Labor Union (if the violator is the union chairman).

4.2. Complain and consider implementing the discipline

The complaint period is 15 days since the violator receives the decision. When receiving complaint, The Administrative Department will invite the board representative (one person), administrative department (one person), violator’s divisional head (one person), and Labor union representative (one person) and make a meditation board. Invite the violator as well as the deponent to the meeting and ask for their opinion. This board makes a successful or unsuccessful mediation minutes. This minutes will be kept along with the case record. After that, the claimant may send another complaint to the Labor Union, Labor office…. to solve if not satisfied.


– Social Duty handbook


– The minutes of violation No: 0011
– The employee’s self review No: 0012
– The minutes of the meeting No: 0013

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