Identification and traceability in AS9100 standard

Identification and traceability in AS9100 standard
Clause 7.5.3

Where appropriate, the organization shall identify the product by suitable means throughout product realization.

The organization shall maintain the identification of the configuration of the product in order to identify any differences between the actual configuration and the agreed configuration.

The organization shall identify the product status with respect to monitoring and measurement requirements.

When acceptance authority media are used (e.g., stamps, electronic signatures, passwords), the organization shall establish and document controls for the media.

Where traceability is a requirement, the organization shall control and record the unique identification of the product (see 4.2.4).

According to the level of traceability required by contract, regulatory, or other established requirement, the organization’s system shall provide for:

a) identification to be maintained throughout the product life;

b) all the products manufactured from the same batch of raw material or from the same manufacturing batch to be traced, as well as the destination (delivery, scrap) of all products of the same batch;

c) for an assembly, the identity of its components and those of the next higher assembly to be traced;

d) for a given product, a sequential record of its production (manufacture, assembly, inspection) to be retrieved.

NOTE In some industry sectors, configuration management is a means by which identification and traceability are maintained (see 4.3).

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