Management Responsibility Audit Checklist

Management Responsibility Audit Checklist
(Applied for ISO 22000)

1. Is there evidence to show management commitment to Food Safety system application?

2. Are these shown in the related objectives?

3. Are objectives measurable?

4. Does the organization have a food safety policy?

5. Has a HACCP plan been developed?

6. Does the plan cover all end products?

7. Has a multidisciplinary Food Safety team been formed?

8. Have the organization appointed a Food Safety team leader and defined the responsibilities and authorities?

9. Does the organization define the responsibility and authority of the Food safety team?

10. Is the knowledge of the food safety team suitable and appropriate? (check training, qualifications, experience, etc)

11. How is internal and external communication controlled and who has responsibility? Is the communication effective?

12. Does the company have emergency preparedness and response procedures in place? Have they been verified?

13. Is a Management Review activity carried out as required? Is it effective?

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